Junshu Tang

I am now a fourth-year Ph.D. student at the Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), advised by Lizhuang Ma.
I am currently a research intern at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), working with Bo Zhang and Dong Chen.
I'm interested in 2D/3D image generation, animation and completion, mainly focus on 2D/3D face animation and 2D/3D content generation.

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Make-It-3D: High-Fidelity 3D Creation from A Single Image with Diffusion Prior
Junshu Tang , Tengfei Wang, Bo Zhang, Ting Zhang, Ran Yi, Lizhuang Ma, Dong Chen
arXiv, 2023
project page / paper / code

3DFaceShop: Explicitly Controllable 3D-Aware Portrait Generation
Junshu Tang , Bo Zhang , Binxin Yang , Ting Zhang , Dong Chen , Lizhuang Ma , Fang Wen
arXiv, 2022
project page / paper / code

Prototype-Aware Heterogeneous Task for Point Cloud Completion
Junshu Tang , Jiachen Xu, Jingyu Gong, Haichuan Song, Yuan Xie, Lizhuang Ma
arXiv , 2022

LAKe-Net: Topology-Aware Point Cloud Completion by Localizing Aligned Keypoints
Junshu Tang , Zhijun Gong, Ran Yi, Yuan Xie, Lizhuang Ma
CVPR, 2022
paper / code

Explicit facial expression transfer via fine-grained semantic representations
Zhiwen Shao, Hengliang Zhu, Junshu Tang , Xuequan Lu, and Lizhuang Ma
TIP , 2021

Fine-grained expression manipulation via structured latent space.
Junshu Tang , Zhiwen Shao, Lizhuang Ma
ICME Oral Presentation, 2020
paper / code

Selected Awards
  • National Scholarship, Education Ministry of China
  • Outstanding Graduates, Xidian University
  • First-Class Scholarship, Xidian University

Thanks to Jon Barron for sharing the code of his personal webpage.

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